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Pathfinder was established in 1975 to offer project management support services to those organizations that did not have this capability in-house but had substantial capital programs. In addition, over the past several decades, many organizations that had internal project management capabilities have minimized or eliminated their ability to develop, plan and execute capital projects. Pathfinder continues to address this need by providing a “one-stop” resource for these critical project-related services. Our dedicated, world-class project practitioners and analysts are internationally recognized leaders in their respective fields. These resources are offered to you on an “as-needed, on-call” basis in a number of knowledge transfer methods. These methods are tailored to your specific industry, project or organizational needs.

 "Pathfinder is always there whenever and wherever  you need world-class project management support!"

James Porter, Jr, Retired DuPont

Pathfinder has earned the reputation for providing unbiased project observations and recommendation that benefit the owner’s business drivers without any encumbered agendas.  Our organization prides itself on our client’s positive feedback which is reflected in fact the that 80% of our clients, on a yearly basis, are repeat customers.