Project Assurance

Pathfinder provides innovative project management solutions that address, mitigate and provide practiced resolutions to challenging situations. Pathfinder's advisors seamlessly integrate as key project team members, providing targeted, world-class services, wherever needed, for as long as required while enhancing your bottom line.

Pathfinder's outstanding, full coverage staff brings unique and proven "value added" results to challenges for small through mega scale capital projects anywhere in the world!  Whether it’s an individual or an entire function of your project team, we provide the people needed to best fit your culture and augment your existing project team. With full access to our cadre of project management processes and tools, each advisor comes fully equipped and to provide you with the competitive edge for successful projects.

Project Management Support

  • Project Teams (consulting, staff augmentation, supplementary staffing and outsourcing)
  • Multiple, Small Project Support Teams
  • Discipline Support
  • Personnel Support

Project Execution Planning

  • Project & Venture Planning-international considerations
  • Developing Execution Strategies and Plans
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Risk Identification/Management
  • Writing and Maintaining Project Execution Plans

Contracting Support

  • Contracting Manuals
  • Contract Documents (Reimbursable Cost, Lump Sum, others)
  • Contracting, Strategy, Development and Planning
  • Bidder Pre-qualification / Screening
  • Invitation for Proposals
  • Proposal and Bid Review Preparation
  • Bid Review, Selection and Contract Award 
  • Contract Administration 
  • Incentive Programs 

Procurement & Supply Chain Management Support (Not Inclusive List)

  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • Materials Management
  • Financial Health Analysis
  • Should Cost Models
  • Price Adjustment Mechanisms

Project Controls Support

  • Cost Estimating, Management and Control
  • Project Controls Program Development
  • Outsourced Project Controls Provider
  • Planning and Scheduling 
  • Project Control & Information Management Systems
  • Structure Integration with Contractor and Financial Systems
  • Staff Augmentation

Construction Management

  • Construction Planning
  • Construction Management Teams
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Commissioning/Turnover Coordination

Project Reviews

  • Cost Estimate Evaluations/Checks
  • Risk Analysis - Cost Estimate
  • Independent Project Evaluations
  • Post-Project Audits/Lessons Learned
  • Resourcing Reviews
  • Schedule Evaluations/Checks
  • Risk Analysis - Schedule

Project Team Alignment

  • Owner/Contractor Kick-Off Session
  • Owner/Contractor Alignment Session
  • Contractor/Sub-contractor Alignment Session
  • Owner/Contractor Re-Alignment Session
  • Team Building

Value Improving Practices Services (fully accredited) 

  • Guidelines Development
  • Facilitation
  • Subject Matter Experts

Turnaround Management

  • Strategic Turnaround Planning
  • Scope Development and Screening
  • "Cold Eye" Reviews
  • Execution Plan Preparation
  • Planning Work Processes
  • Post Turnaround Assessment
  • Personnel Support

Project Controls Tools

  • Cost/Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Schedule Logic Evaluation
  • Productivity Analysis System

Contracting Tools

  • Contracting Strategy Selection Tools
  • Tri-Merit Incentive Contracts
  • Computerized Contracting Strategy Development

Project Management Tools

  • Value-Added Leadership/Technical Assessment Program
  • Project Management Maturity Model
  • Project, Personnel, Process Matching System
  • Web-based Project Delivery Process


  • Lessons Learned
  • Risk Factors
  • Cost Estimating Databases
  • Schedule Database
  • Advisor Database
  • Training Materials
  • Work Process Modules