As the world recovers from social distancing, virus testing, vaccination lines, and an economy turned upside down, the worldwide Engineering and Construction environment is now recovering, and projects are looking to restart and drive to completion. Matters such as staffing, materials storage, and protection, partially completed construction packages, contract issues, labor support, infrastructure that has been sanitized and secured for effective use, and a myriad of other related issues can have an even greater impact on restart than the actual shutdown itself, if not handled properly.

Pathfinder’s Project Slowdown/Restart Planning initiative is an efficient facilitation effort using the proven Construction Industry Institute (CII) Construction Readiness Assessment (CRA) tool, modified to address COVID-19 issues and/or other project slowdown issues. This tool, integrated with the Construction Restart Execution Plan, has been practiced over many successful initiatives to demonstrate the benefits of effectively addressing typical, as well as recent pandemic, construction restart issues.

The following 5-phase approach can be adjusted based on how far you have progressed in the project schedule at the time of shutdown.



STEP 1 - Project Slowdown Conditions

Utilize the CRR tool to outline the status of the original project and identity aspects needed to get the project ready for safe, efficient, and effective restart later.

Duration:  1-day virtual facilitation


STEP 2 - Project Restart Objectives

Results of Step 1 feed the PREP document. This is a facilitated PREP workshop with all key project players to reestablish the project plan with restart in mind. Everyone is tasked with closing open items in the PREP with timelines and interface issues outlined.

Duration: 2-day virtual facilitation


STEP 3 - Identify Restart Gaps (CRA)

Approximately 3 months prior to the planned construction restart, another CRR is conducted to see what items are still open and to review the completeness of the PREP.

Duration:  1-day virtual facilitation


STEP 4 - Closure of Gaps

Completion of the initial PREP and review of the plan with all key team members. This effort would coincide with the Step 3 CRR results.

Duration: 2-day virtual facilitation


STEP 5 -Project Restart

This effort is the last of the sequential CRRs and would be planned for 2 – 4 weeks prior to project restart. It would document all the work completed to address the restart initiative.

Duration:  1-day virtual facilitation


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