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Pathfinder's Stephen Cabano will be discussing the importance of properly Planning and Executing Efficient Carbon Reduction Projects at POWERGEN International on January 24, 2024 in New Orleans, LA.

Planning and Executing Efficient Carbon Reduction Projects

As the world focuses on decarbonizing everything, the energy industry, especially Power generation and energy development, is at the forefront of the initiative. These efforts involve complex engineering/construction projects that often do not have a financial return and include newer or even novel technologies. These decarbonization projects are akin to process industry projects with similar complexities. They vary from the traditional coal/gas fired power generation projects due to these intricacies. The conundrum is to spend the least amount of capital money to achieve the defined carbon goals safely and economically in a high-quality manner. So, the question is… Are power industry owner/operator organizations structured in a way to meet these project planning and execution needs and deliver decarbonization projects in a cost-effective manner?

This presentation will outline several key project activities/deliverables that are mandatory for successful Carbon Reduction Projects. The following are a few of these owner-driven requirements:

  • Establish clear carbon reduction business objectives and manage the project to these objectives.

  • Integrate earlier with front-end contractors/suppliers to provide cost-effective, solutions.

  • Complete scope development fully before mobilizing to the field.

  • Implement strong risk management and risk mitigation steps, especially in/with new technology projects.

Additional project success criteria (based on Lessons Learned from industry research, project case studies and recent owner/operator experience) will be shared.

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