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News › Pathfinder wins 2nd Place in 2013 Best Paper Award from Power-Gen

Pathfinder wins 2nd Place in 2013 Best Paper Award from Power-Gen

Pathfinder's presentation/paper on "The Owner's Role in Project Execution" received a 2nd place award in the Industry Trends/Competitive Power Generation Track at the 2013 Power-Gen Conference in November.

Power-Gen Award

The paper discussed that in today’s active power industry project environment, we are driven to rely on our engineering and construction contractors more than ever.  Our contractor community is ‘resource-stretched’ due to extensive capital project activity in the power market as well as the unprecedented growth in other process-related industries in North America.  Owners today must provide clear guidance as well as appropriate levels of oversight and due diligence, to assure projects are delivered on time and within budget. 

A number of innovative contracting methodologies can aid in this important and necessary owner oversight role.  These include owner self-managed, contractor engineer/procure/construct, incentive contracts, and hybrids.  Compensation methodologies are also a consideration such as lump sum, reimbursable cost, unit cost, etc.  This paper will identify proven methods to ensure owner’s project success along with telltale signs that can indicate performance problems.

Proven project management techniques such as project execution planning, independent project reviews, cost/schedule risk assessments and contract strategy workshops will be discussed.  The level of effort to implement these techniques, along with the proven benefits, will be considered. The session will allow the opportunity for participants to question panel members and raise real life project issues.

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