Pathfinder Presenting at the Pipeline Leadership Conference, November 4-5, 2015

Pipeline Project Execution in the Rapidly Changing Oil & Gas Environment

With the recent shift in energy market trends (from speed to market to capital cost minimization) and its effects on pipeline and midstream projects, how will project issues such as life-cycle quality, owner/contractor relationships and overall project execution strategies be impacted? What are the innovative ways of aligning land owners, contractors, suppliers and operators to the newly-defined business objectives? Are traditional project planning and execution Best Practices still applicable in today’s project environment? Will pipeline projects be able to lead the industry in safety and economic returns rather than fall prey to historical major project cost overruns and schedule delays?

This presentation will outline the required project planning and execution activities often considered optional during the last several years of project development, now mandatory in the newly-defined, cost-driven environment. Innovative contracting strategies, stakeholder alignment, clearly-defined scope definition and aggressive project controls are now essential to project success. Claims avoidance will also be critical in today’s execution environment.

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