The Effective Use of Value Engineering - SAVE 2017 Panel Discussion

SAVE Value Summit
The Effective Use of Value Engineering
August 28, 2017 @ 11:30am
Ballroom A

Panel Members:

Steve Cabano, President, Pathfinder, LLC - MODERATOR
Jack Hines, Director of Estimating, AECOM
Bill Montgomery, Project Manager, Chemours
Ed Allen , Cost Estimator  , Arkema

An interactive 60 minute panel discussion discussing the merits of effective Value Engineering activities.  Discussions to include:

  • When Value Engineering practices are best utilized for Owner organizations.
  • Why Value Engineering should not be used for cost cutting or budget adherence.
  • The negative effect of poor Value Engineering activities.
  • Successes in Value Engineering implementation.

The audience will hear actual case study examples of Value Engineering activities that have resulted in true value contribution, as well as activities that resulted in unsuitable project outcomes.