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CII Orientation Series

As a CII Registered Provider, Pathfinder is approved to advise and/or provide training on published practices by the Construction Industry Institute.

Pathfinder's Orientation Series is designed to help clients understand and implement CII Practices and methodologies.

The series supports facilitation of a higher level of adoption and scale of industry knowledge regarding the benefits of CII Practices and methodologies.

Pathfinder's current series is can be conducted as a VIRTUAL 90 minute lunch and learn session and is being offered FREE OF CHARGE and cosists of:

  • Construction Restart
  • Advanced Work Packing
  • Contracting Strategy

Construction Restart

90 minute session

As we encounter the impacts of COVID-19 and the ripple effects across the industry, many projects have been put on hold or slowed down significantly.  Many of these projects are in the Execution Phase and some well into Construction.  As the world recovers from these impacts, these projects will resume but we cannot rely on the original planning documents to effectively restart and execute these projects. Many aspects of the “new normal” have changed, new social distancing/HR rules, availability of construction resources (especially if all projects restart at the same time), overall schedule, contract revisions/updates, etc.  There are a multitude of “non-traditional” issues that need to be addressed in a project restart that would not be part of the original construction plan.

Many organizations are utilizing the CII Construction Readiness tool RT DCC-02 to plan the restart. Although an excellent tool, the CR Tool does not address many of the restart issues and especially the issues around the new COVID-19 impacts. Pathfinder, L.L.C. recently adjusted the tool to address these issues in the Project Restart environment. In parallel, a Project Restart Execution Plan (PREP) is also recommended. This orientation will address the nuances of the Construction Restart Readiness and the PREP as they relate to the COVID-19 impacts and the environment aspect as we recover from the Coronavirus.  Time will also be allotted for open discussion and questions.


  • Introduction
  • Construction Slowdowns/Shutdowns due to COVID-19
  • Planning for Restart
  • The CII Construction Readiness tool
  • The Construction Restart Readiness approach
  • Q/A

Advanced Work Packaging

90 minute session

Over the last 2 -3 years there has been a lot of talk about the value of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) across the industry.  Many have attempted to implement the AWP concepts, but few have realized the overall business/project benefits.  Why?  With such high expectations and cost, schedule and execution promises, what are the issues in gaining these benefits across the industry?  The true application of AWP is not just putting the packages together, it is imperative that the right people are developing the packages and they are integrated into project planning such as Estimating, Resourcing, Scheduling, etc.  A vital aspect of the AWP approach is also the integration of the execution Contractor early in the process to assure buy-in and alignment of the packages and the interconnectivity of the packages.

This orientation will drive towards the effective use of AWP from an Owner perspective.  The session will draw out several CII research references and tools and provide a practitioner’s view of the AWP process and its benefits.  A discussion around the interface with the Execution Contractor and their role in the process will also be provided.  The session will also address what pitfalls are encountered when Owners only try to implement portions of the process.  Time will be allotted for an open discussion and questions and answers. 


  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Process/Value
  • What Make AWP work
  • What is the Owner’s Role in AWP
  • Pitfalls
  • Q/A

Contracting Strategy

90 minute session

An often-overlooked tool in the Project Management Toolbox is the effective use of the overall project Contracting Strategy.  As we all know, one contracting approach does not fit all projects. And selecting that approach should not be taken lightly. Multiple parameters are evaluated when selecting the optimum approach, such as the overall project scope, activity in the industry/region, internal Owner resources, etc. These impact aspects of contracting, such as how to break the project into optimum scope of work, compensation types, transparency/control desires, etc.

This orientation will provide an overview of industry trends in the area of contracting and focus on the use of the CII Project Delivery Contracting Strategy (PDCS) Tool IR 165 which is a recommended part of the overall Contract/Procurement approach across the FEL process.  We will address when to apply the tool and who should be part of the overall assessment.  Time will be allotted for an open discussion and questions and answers.


  • Introduction
  • Contracting as a Project Management Tool
  • Contracting Alternatives
  • Trends in the Industry
  • The CII Contracting Strategy Tool
  • Q/A