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Pathfinder regularly presents the following seminars at the AACEI Annual Meeting. The next available seminars for 2020 are as shown below.

Plan now to attend these seminars to enhance your professional knowledge and growth. 

Project Controls from the Owner’s Perspective

May 25 - 27, 2021


This seminar will cover Project Controls Industry “Best Practices” (approaches, methods, techniques and tools) suitable to an Owner organization’s project portfolio and specific projects.  Topical coverage will include:

  • Project Controls Perspective (relative to Owner’s role)
  • Project Controls Process
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Project Controls (Project Manager/Engineer, Owner’s Project Team, Owner’s Project Controls Team/Representatives, Contractors)
  • Planning and Scheduling (Development and Baselining)
  • Cost Estimate/Budget (Development and Baselining)
  • Cost and Risk Analysis and Contingency (Development and Management)
  • Progress and Productivity Measurement
  • Cost and Schedule Management
  • Project Controls Reporting
  • Change Management

A combination of material presentation in lecture format, examples and interactive sessions will be utilized by the instructor to provide attendees with an opportunity to engage in discussions and participate in an effective learning experience.

Advanced Project Controls from the Owner's Perspective

June 1-3, 2021


This session will build off the basic concepts of “Project Control from an Owner’s Perspective.” Advanced Project Control issues will be addressed, including Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis, Engineering and Construction Productivity Evaluation and Influences, Schedule Analysis and Recovery Options, Reporting and Contractor Oversight. Discussion will be conducted on project control requirements and language required in owner contract documents.  Facilitators will also demonstrate some of the more common software tools for scheduling, risk analysis, cost estimating, etc.  Participants will be tasked with various workshop exercises that will challenge their skills in project control and project recovery techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • Schedule Risk Analysis and Assurance
  • Cost Risk Analysis and Assurance
  • Engineering/Constr4uction Productivity Evaluation
  • Advanced Recovery Techniques