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In today’s competitive business environment, we are continuously looking for innovative and cost efficient ways to outpace our competitors and bring greater value to our organization, employees and stakeholders. As of recent, talented and experienced capital project resources are becoming more and more difficult to find and retain. As a result, training our new and younger employees is taking on added importance and immediacy.

Based on research, we are acutely aware that this new generation of project personnel learn, retain and apply their skills differently than previous generations. To effectively train this new workforce, we need to understand these differences and approach learning with a variety of methods to engage the learner. This approach reduces the learning “curve” and allows them to acquire experience and competency in an efficient and effective manner. By doing so, we can backfill the knowledge and experience that is exiting with the large number of retiring capital project professionals. 

Pathfinder offers a variety of learning methodologies for all generations of learners. From our traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) to Just-In Time (JIT) short web-based online seminars to our most recent training offering, customized e-Learning programs. Pathfinder blends our core strength, INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE, with a delivery method that provides this new generation of professionals with the optimal learning environment for their interactive and self-paced learning style.

Pathfinder has and still does believe that ILT is the optimal method for delivering project management training because it reinforces the human interaction component of project management and project teams. Of course Pathfinder also understands that times and people change and so does their style of learning. By embracing this change and adapting to it, Pathfinder is pleased to offer to our clients customized project management eLearning programs focused on the best practices and techniques of our industry, our client’s specific project processes, and our subject matter experts’ years of practical experience.

Pathfinder’s eLearning programs are:

  • User friendly and simple to use
  • Content focused
  • Delivered via flash drive, CD-ROM or streaming
  • LMS compatible
  • Customized
  • Cost effective

As with all Pathfinder training services, our eLearning programs are designed to address specific competency areas that have been identified so your project resources can better support your goals of managing and leading your projects to superior overall outcomes.

At Pathfinder, “Content IS King!”