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Customization Process

Customization Process
  • Duration varies for Phases 1-9 between 4 to 6 weeks, inclusive.
  • Client option for repeat presentations and skills/advanced sessions, Phases 10 and/or 11.
  • Project protocol workshop format(s) varies depending on program contact, level of customization etc. 
  • Location of presentation of sessions (9-11) can be IPMA training center, client location or mutually convenient location.

Particular attention is paid to customizing our training programs for both the individual and the corporation. Pathfinder’s broad and flexible curriculum builds professionalism through exposure to the full range of project management applications, technological advances, and management trends. Program designs extend from fundamental principles through advanced, sophisticated application techniques. 

Mastering the ability to quickly adjust subject-matter or entire training programs to a particular industry and to recognize specific company philosophy and needs, has made Pathfinder a unique and powerful educational resource. Working in close collaboration with the sponsoring organization and training staffs, our faculty can design customized training programs to meet general as well as specific goals.